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Katz DL Headshot.7-15
Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center
While healthful eating is important at all ages, the opportunity for food to serve as the foundation of lifelong good health is greatest in children. When it comes to healthy eating options, no group is more important—or more neglected. Nurture Life fills that gap, addressing a vital public health objective with a beautiful product and all the right priorities.
Field Family Session
Lara Field, MS, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian, Founder of FEED Nutrition Consulting, Mom of Two
Nurture Life is the missing piece for busy families. In our fast-paced world filled with many competing priorities, nutrition is often set aside. Nurture Life truly helps nurture families towards feeding children healthy food from the start by providing well-balanced, minimally processed meals, incorporating whole foods, a variety of vegetables and diverse flavor combinations. They're an excellent foundation to raise healthy eaters, expanding children's palates right from the start.
William Sears, MD
Pediatrician and Father of Eight Children
Nurture Life has nailed the nutrition needs of young children. When l read the food nutrition labels and personally interviewed the founders, I caught their passion for helping to provide a solution to a top health problem in America—children have lost their taste for real, nutritious food. Nurture Life's solution: provide real, nutritionally balanced food that appeals to children. 'Nurture Life' is exactly what their mission is: shape young tastes to crave real food while their brains and bodies are growing the fastest, in turn shaping nutrition habits for life. Thank you for providing just what many families need.

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marena erickson circle crop
Parent of Toddler
I wanted to say thank you 🙂 I'm the happy momma of a toddler who loves your meals. Food prep is a struggle back home because this mama is currently deployed! It's good to know my daughter is eating good while I'm gone! Ya'll made it too easy. And Dad likes that her chow is organic and healthy. 🙂 He's more picky than she is!
maggie testimonial
Parent of a Toddler & Kid
I’m so happy to be back!! This makes life so much easier - especially during weeknights. And in all honesty, I don’t feel bad finishing the kids meals if they don’t!
Lisa Vines
Parent of a Baby & Kid
I'm just signing up for this service now for my son. He started solids just under a month ago. I want you guys to know how much this meal service will be helping my family. I have to leave for a deployment shortly and my husband, though I love him very much, is not a 5 star chef. The thought of planning healthy meals alone for our baby has been bringing him tons of anxiety! With Nurture Life, we are able to ensure that our son can eat healthy and expand his palette. This right here is a HUGE weight and stress factor that I can now set aside. So, with that, thank you for this great business!
Kelly Klumpp 3:30:18
Parent of a Baby & Toddler
Nurture Life is basically a dream! What could be better than fresh, healthy, delicious meals for your kids delivered to your door?! It has simplified dinner more than I can express and my kids love it. You definitely won’t be disappointed. Oh, and the box it comes in definitely will occupy your kiddos. ❤️ We’re hooked! Can’t wait to order our next box!
Tam testimonial
Parent of a Toddler
As a pregnant mom in her 3rd trimester, Nurture Life has been a lifesaver. I have a super clingy toddler who makes it next to impossible to cook anything in the kitchen. Thanks to Nurture Life, I no longer have to stress each day about prepping a meal for my son! On top of that, it's so reassuring to know that he is getting enough food, with fresh and healthy ingredients too! I love that the biggest decision I need to make is which meal to heat up.
Testimonial - Stephanie VanHazebroeck
Parent of Twin Toddlers & a Kid
As a family with 3 boys (2 of them being 16-month-old twins), it's next to impossible to get to the grocery store. Nurture Life has been a game-changer and a lifesaver for our family. They've taken the chore of meal planning, shopping and prepping out of my daily and weekly equation, and I am so thankful for their service. The twins are part of the clean plate club every meal, and they even feed each other. Thank you Nurture Life!

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Our baby, toddler and kids meals are packed with nutritious, wholesome ingredients and delivered ready-to-eat, straight to your door. Our team of chefs and pediatric dietitian collaborate on every meal to ensure they’re not only delicious, but also meet the changing nutritional needs of growing children while introducing them to new flavors and textures.

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4 - 12 months

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1 - 3 years

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4 - 14+ years

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